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Installation Instructions for LAM
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1. Requirements
-Apache webserver (SSL optional) with installed PHP-Module (PHP-Module with
ldap, gettext, mcrypt, openldap and perl)
-openldap (2.0 or >)
-a web browser :-)
2. Installation
* Extract package with:
tar xzf lam-version.tar.gz
* Copy files into the html-file scope of the webserver. For example
* Set appropriate file permissions for /lam/sess and /lam/profiles.
Both directories must have write permissions set for the specified apache
web user. The perl files in /lam/lib must set executable. (See also
* Configure lam. Either use the web interface with the link
"Configuration Login". Start file is /lam/index.html.
or configure LAM manually. (The default password to edit the
options is "lam")
A default config file can be found in /lam/config/lam.conf_sample.
Change the necessary entries and rename it to /lam/config/lam.conf.
3. Troubleshooting