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Package: ldap-account-manager
Architecture: all
Depends: php5 (>= 5.1), php5-ldap, php5-gd, apache2 | httpd, php-fpdf, libjs-jquery (>= 1.4.2), libjs-jquery-ui (>= 1.8), debconf (>= 0.2.26) | debconf-2.0, ${misc:Depends}
Suggests: ldap-server, php5-mcrypt, ldap-account-manager-lamdaemon, perl, libssh2-php
Suggests: ldap-server, php5-mcrypt, ldap-account-manager-lamdaemon, perl
Description: webfrontend for managing accounts in an LDAP directory
LDAP Account Manager (LAM) runs on an existing webserver.
It manages user, group and host accounts. Currently LAM

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<para>LAM supported to set a list of valid workstations on the
"Personal" page. This required to change the LDAP schema. Since
3.1.0 this is replaced by the new "Hosts" module for users.</para>
<para>Lamdaemon: The sudo entry needs to be changed to
".../ *".</para>
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<para>The Asterisk support for users can be added by selecting the
Asterisk and Asterisk voicemail modules for users in your LAM server
profile. This will add the following tabs to your user accounts. </para>
profile. This will add the following tabs to your user accounts.</para>
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<title>Install libssh2</title>
<para>The libssh2 library is needed to connect to the homedir/quota
server via SSH.</para>
<title>Install libssh2</title>
<para>You can get libssh2 here: <ulink
url=""></ulink> Unpack the
package and install it by executing the commands "./configure", "make"
and "make install" in the extracted directory. Several Linux
distributions already include a package for libssh2.</para>
<title>Install SSH2 for PHP</title>
<para>Several Linux distributions already include a package (e.g.
<para>Otherwise, run "pecl install ssh2-beta". If you have no pecl
command then install the PHP Pear package (e.g. php-pear or php5-pear)
for your distribution.</para>
<para>If you want to compile it yourself, get the sources here: <ulink
<para>After installing the PHP module please add this line to your
<title>Set up SSH</title>
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Tools -&gt; Tests -&gt; Lamdaemon test</para>
<para>If you get garbage characters at the test page then PHP and
your php5-ssh2 library may not fit together. Try recompiling the
library and libssh2.</para>
<para>This combination was tested successfully: libssh2 0.13 with
php5-ssh2 0.10</para>
<para>php5-ssh2 0.11 should have no problems with recent libssh2
<para>Check /var/log/auth.log or its equivalent on your system. This
file contains messages about all logins. If the ssh login failed