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@ -0,0 +1,57 @@ is used to modify quota and homedirs
on a remote or local host via ssh.
If you want wo use it you have to set up many
thins to get it work.
1. Set values in LDAP Account manager
* Set the remote or local host in the configuration
* Set the remote-path include filename of the script
2. Set up ssh
We have to connect to the remote host as the user
your webserver is running. Because we can't enter
the password for it we have to authenticate without
entering a password
* Switch to the user your webserver is running as
(e.g. su wwwrun)
* switch to homedir of the webserver user
(e.g. cd ~)
* create the ssh-keys, just press enter if you'll asked
for a password
(e.g. ssh-keygen -t dsa)
* Check if the user your webserver is running as does
also exists on remote-host
* Copy the content of ~/.ssh/ from the system
LDAP Account manager into ~/.ssh/known_hosts on the
remote machine
* Connect to the remote server via ssh $remotehost
Answer the next question with yes if the remote key is
valid. You should be asked for a password
3. Set up sudo
The perlskript has to run as root (very ugly I know but
I haven't found any other solution). Therefor we need
a wrapper, sudo.
Edit /etc/sudoers and add the following line:
$wwwrun All= NOPASSWD: $path
$wwwrun is the user your webserer is running and $path
is the path include the filename of
e.g. wwwrun All= NOPASSWD: /srv/www/htdocs/lam/lib/
4. Set up perl
We need some external perl-modules, Quota and Net::LDAP
Th install them, run:
perl -MCPAN -e shell
install Quota
install Net::LDAP
Please answer all questions to describe your system
Every additional needed module should be installed
Now everything should work fine
This is a very incomplete Documention for Alpha-Release only.
Pleas send a mail to if you have any suggsestion