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March 2020 7.1
- PHP 7 required
- Webauthn/FIDO2 support for 2-factor-authentication (requires PHP 7.2)
- Personal: support display name (hidden by default in server profile)
- Windows users: support allowed workstations
- LAM Pro:
-> PPolicy: support for password check module
-> Windows AD LDS support (users and groups)
-> User self registration: support Active Directory/Samba4
21.12.2019 7.0
- Lamdaemon can be configured with directory prefix for homedirs
- Account list filters match on substrings instead of whole value
- YubiKey: support to configure multiple verification servers
- Windows hosts: added last password change and last login
- Deactivated non-maintained translations: Catalan, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish
Contact us if you would like to take over. Translators get LAM Pro for free (commercial use included).
- Docker updates
- Fixed bugs:
-> Missing CSS for Duo
-> Editing of DNs with comma on Windows (210)
29.09.2019 6.9
- Group account types can show member+owner count in list view
- 2-factor authentication:
-> Duo support
-> user name attribute for privacyIDEA can be specified
- LAM Pro:
-> New self service settings for login and main page footer
-> Custom fields: custom labels for LDAP search select list
- Fixed bugs:
-> Configuration issue with Unix user/host module (206)
02.07.2019 6.8
- Parallel editing of multiple entries in different browser tabs supported
- LAM supports the progressive web app standard which allows to install LAM as an icon on home screen
- Windows: added home drive and force password change to profile editor
- Unix: password management can be disabled in module settings
- LAM Pro:
-> Bind DLZ: entry table can show record data (use special attribute "#records" in server profile)
-> Self service: support legacy attribute "email" for password self reset and user self registration
- Fixed bugs:
-> Users: No drop-down filter box for account status (200)
-> Custom fields: Account type "Groups" not saving/deleting fields (66)
25.03.2019 6.7
- Added YubiKey as 2-factor authentication provider
- Support logging to remote syslog server
- PHP 7.3 support
- LAM Pro:
-> Allow to mark text and text area fields as required
-> New self service fields:
-> Mail routing
-> Windows proxy addresses + mail alias
-> Shadow account expiration date
-> Unix and group of names memberships
-> Base URL for emails in self service can be configured in self service profile
-> Bind DLZ: support DNAME+XFR records and descriptions in records (requires latest LDAP schema)
-> Cron jobs: added Shadow account expiration notification job
- Fixed bugs:
-> Allow tree-only configurations without any other tab
28.12.2018 6.6
- New import/export in tools menu
- YubiKey support
- Windows users:
-> Manage "departmentNumber" (needs to be activated via LAM server profile)
-> Sync group memberships from Unix and group of names
- LAM Pro:
-> Easy setting of background color in self service profile
-> Cron jobs: added Windows/Qmail/FreeRadius account expiration notification jobs
-> Bind DLZ: usability improvements and small fixes
25.09.2018 6.5
- Password change possible via LDAP EXOP operation (set LDAP_EXOP as password hash, requires PHP 7.2)
- Support Imagick and GD
- Dropped support for Apache 2.2
- Upload: allow to overwrite existing accounts
- Personal: photos can be printed in PDF export
- Kolab updates
- LAM Pro:
-> Auto deletion of entries with dynamic directory services support (requires PHP 7.2)
- Fixed bugs:
-> Issue when changing key case of uid (#197)
20.06.2018 6.4
- Imagick PHP extension required
- Passwords can be checked against external service (e.g. https://api.pwnedpasswords.com/range)
- Personal/Windows: image cropping support
- Better filtering of account lists
- Unix: Unix, Windows and group of names memberships can be synced in group selection
- IMAP: create mailbox via file upload
- PHP 7.2 support
- Support for "," in DN
- LAM Pro:
-> Better support for 389ds password expiration
- Fixed bugs:
-> Error on password reset page when custom fields is used (194)
19.03.2018 6.3
- Server profile: added option if referential integrity overlay is active to skip cleanup actions
- Unix: several options are now specific to subaccount types (reconfiguration required!)
- Fixed bugs:
-> Security fixes (XSS vulnerabilities CVE-2018-8763 and CSRF token in URL CVE-2018-8764)
-> Quota for Windows groups did not work
- LAM Pro:
-> Support custom structural object classes with new custom type
-> Support dynamic lists
-> Self service login and password self reset can be secured with captcha
04.02.2018 6.2.1
- Fixed bugs:
-> Login page not working when no server profile exists (44)
-> LAM Pro: Password Self Reset has issues when both security question and confirmation mail are activated.
-> LAM main configuration: certificate buttons do not work
13.12.2017 6.2
- License changed from GPL v2 to GPL v3
- PHP 5.6 and Internet Explorer 11 or later required
- PDF export supports Chinese, Japan and Korean
- Account status also shows expired accounts
- Quota: support k/m/g/t/K/M/G/T to specify values in e.g. kB
- LAM Pro:
-> Cron jobs include better logging and support dry-run
19.09.2017 6.1
- Automatically trim input fields to avoid trailing/leading spaces
- LAM Pro:
-> Custom fields: support wildcards in text fields such as $firstname
-> Custom fields: specify minimum/maximum count for multi-value entries
-> Custom fields: new type for constant values
- Fixed bugs:
-> Password modify page reports error on password change when posixAccount is present for users
-> Nginx configuration files did not include "fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $request_filename;" (193)
20.07.2017 6.0.1
- Fixed bugs:
-> Configuration file fills up with empty values
-> Tool visibility settings
26.06.2017 6.0
- Support multiple configurations for same account type
- PHP 7.1 compatibility
- Courier users and mail aliases
- Windows: Support unlocking of users with too many failed login attempts
- Samba 3: added account expiration date to PDF fields
- LAM Pro:
-> Custom fields: can be used for file upload
-> Custom fields: new selection list type that gets options from LDAP search
-> Kopano support
15.03.2017 5.7
- 2-factor authentication for admin login and self service with privacyIDEA
- PDF files use DejaVu serif font for better readability and more supported characters (e.g. Cyrillic)
- Windows users: the department option now uses attribute "department" instead of "departmentNumber"
- Updated Debian dependencies
- Fixed bugs:
-> Comparison issue prevents saving of values (185)
18.12.2016 5.6
- New mechanism to replace wildcards in user edit screen. Personal/Unix support more wildcards like "$firstname".
- Windows: added support for pager, otherPager, mobile, otherMobile, company and proxyAddresses (disabled by default in server profile)
- Mail routing: enable for groups and allow to add/remove the extension
- LAM Pro:
-> Password self reset: support for up to 3 security questions
-> 389ds: new wildcards for custom scripts: $INFO.389lockingStatusChange$ and $INFO.389deactivationStatusChange$
-> Custom scripts: custom button label supported for manual scripts
10.09.2016 5.5
- Windows: allow to show effective members of a group
- Lamdaemon: support SSH key authentication
- LAM Pro:
-> Group of names/members + roles: allow to show effective members of a group
-> Cron jobs:
* Move or delete expired accounts (Shadow, Windows, qmail, FreeRadius)
* 389ds: added job to notify before password expires
-> 389ds: manage password expiration time with module "Account locking"
- Fixed bugs:
-> PHP 7 issues on edit page
21.06.2016 5.4
- Unix: support magic numbers for UIDs/GIDs (e.g. 389 server DNA plugin)
- Samba 3: support for Samba password history (RFE 133)
- LAM Pro:
-> New module for 389ds unlocking and account (de)activation
-> Self registration: support for Google reCAPTCHA
-> Password notification jobs support CC and BCC
-> Self Service: Samba 3 supports password history and minimum age check
21.03.2016 5.3
- Requires PHP 5.4.0 or higher
- PHP 7 support
- Windows: support management of fax number
- Login can show display name instead of server URL
- Personal/Unix: support K5KEY hash type for smbk5pwd
- New NIS netgroup module for hosts
- Puppet: autocompletion for classes and variables, allow to enforce list of possible classes
- Fixed bugs:
-> Autoload errors in tree view
-> Set correct content type on JSON requests (174)
- LAM Pro:
-> Support for LDAP views based on nsview object class
-> Password notification jobs support to print expiration date in email
-> PPolicy password notification job takes pwdExpireWarning into account
-> Custom fields: support calendar fields
-> Zarafa contacts: allow to create contacts without Unix extension
-> Added options for password rest page to server profile
15.12.2015 5.2
- Windows: support for additional attributes (jpegPhoto, title, carLicense,
employeeNumber, employeeType, businessCategory, departmentNumber, ou, o, manager)
- SSH public key: added possibility to add/remove SSH extension
- MIT Kerberos: set krbExtraData for new accounts
- IMAP: allow to specify initial folders to create
- LAM Pro:
-> Users: allow to manage IP addresses with ipHost module
-> Self Service: added time zone setting in self service profile
-> Shadow: added job to notify before Shadow password expires
-> Windows: added job to notify before Windows password expires
31.08.2015 5.1
- IMAP: support Windows users
- SSH public key: check uploaded files if in right format
- LAM Pro:
-> Self Service optimized also for mobile devices
-> MySQL support for cron jobs
-> Self registration: support auto-numbering for attributes (e.g. to create Unix accounts)
30.06.2015 5.0
- Microsoft IE 8 no longer supported
- Security: added CSRF protection
- NIS net groups: user module to manage NIS net groups on user page
- Zarafa users: allow to change display format of "Send As"
- User list: support to filter by account status
- Lamdaemon: update group of home directory if user's primary group changes
- Personal: allow to add ou=addressbook subentry for users (RFE 117)
- Unix: support auto-UID/GID with msSFU30DomainInfo
- Windows groups: support editing of member of
- Central time zone setting in server profile
- LAM Pro:
-> Cron job to notify users before password expires (PPolicy)
-> Password Self Reset: added 389 Directory Server schema file
-> Support for groupOfMembers (RFE 121)
-> Rfc2307bis Unix groups: added option to force syncing with group of names
31.03.2015 4.9
- Requires PHP 5.3.2 or higher
- Templates for server profiles
- Unix/Personal: support SASL as password hash type
- PDF export: added option to print primary group members
- Use HTTP_X_REAL_IP/HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to log IP addresses (RFE 120)
- LAM Pro:
-> Personal: support image file size limit and cropping (requires php-imagick) in self service
-> Password self reset: allow to enter custom security questions (RFE 115)
-> Unix groups (rfc2307bis): allow to sync members from group of (unique) names (RFE 116)
-> Self Service: support password change with old password (requires PHP >= 5.4.26)
- Fixed bugs:
-> Self Service shows password reuse error after password change was required
16.12.2014 4.8
- Active Directory: support paged result as workaround for size limit exceeded
- FreeRadius: support dialupAccess and radiusProfileDn
- Usability improvements
- LAM Pro:
-> Self service: added option if referrals should be followed
- fixed bugs:
-> missing LDAP_DEREF_NEVER in some cases (169)
07.10.2014 4.7.1
- fixed bugs:
-> Blank page and "User tried to access entry of type ..." log message when DN suffix does not exactly match case in LDAP
28.09.2014 4.7
- Nginx webserver support
- DHCP: support pooling of IP ranges (RFE 107)
- Personal: support pager attribute (hidden by default)
- Renamed config/lam.conf_sample to lam.conf.sample and config.cfg_sample to config.cfg.sample
- LAM Pro:
-> Password dialog: preset alternate email address with backup email address (RFE 111)
12.06.2014 4.6
- Unix groups: allow to disable membership management
- Extended LAM's internal password policies
- Lamdaemon: move home directory on server if changed
- Password policy check during typing
- LAM Pro:
-> Password self reset and user self registration support to set a header text
-> Sudo roles: support latest schema
-> Bind DLZ: automatic PTR management (disabled by default) and better formating of e.g. TTL values
18.03.2014 4.5
- IMAP: allow dynamic admin user names by replacing wildcards with LDAP attributes
- Personal: allow to set fields read-only
- NIS mail aliases can be managed on user page
- Added option to server profile if referrals should be followed (fixes problems with Samba 4 and AD)
- Windows user/group: NIS support (msSFU30NisDomain, msSFU30Name)
- LAM Pro:
-> Allow to set single account types read-only
-> Support for organizationalRole entries
-> Separate IP restriction list for self service
-> Bind DLZ: support TXT/SRV records
-> Self Service: added language selection
-> Password self reset: support backup email address
-> Custom fields: support help texts
-> Support for Oracle databases (orclNetService) (RFE 104)
- fixed bugs:
-> PDF export for multiple entries does not work (163)
-> Personal: fixed photo upload if Imagick is not installed (161)
-> Use account filters for Unix membership management (165)
18.12.2013 4.4
- PyKota support: users, groups, printers, billing codes
- Kolab shared folder support
- New tool "Multi edit" allows LDAP operations on a large number of entries (e.g. adding attributes)
- Allow to set a custom label for each account type
- Unix: switch also additional membership if primary group is changed (RFE 108)
- Windows: fixed user name handling, sAMAccountName now optional
- Apache 2.4 support (requires Apache "version" module)
- Added Turkish, Ukrainian and US English translation
- LAM Pro:
-> Bind DLZ support
-> Samba/Shadow: display password change date in self service
-> Custom fields: support custom label and icon, auto-completion
-> User self registration: support constant attribute values
-> Self service: allow to set custom field labels
- Fixed bugs:
-> Format of photo in Personal tab (158)
25.09.2013 4.3
- Custom SSL CA certificates can be setup in LAM main configuration
- Unix user and group support for Samba 4
- Samba 3 groups: support local members
- Kolab: support group accounts and allowed senders/receivers for users
- SSH public key: support file upload and self service enhancements (RFE 101)
- DHCP: support more options (RFE 99)
- LAM Pro:
-> PPolicy: check password history for password reuse
-> Custom fields: read-only fields for admin interface and file upload for binary data
-> Custom scripts: support user self registration
-> Password self reset: Samba 3 sync, identification with login attribute, Samba 4 support
- Fixed bugs:
-> Custom fields: auto-adding object classes via profile editor fixed
-> PHP 5.5 compatibility
-> Lamdaemon: do not show message if home directory to delete was not found (154)
18.06.2013 4.2.1
- Fixed bugs:
-> Unix: suggested user name must be lower case
-> Quota: profile editor does not work in some cases
04.06.2013 4.2
- Samba 4 support: users, groups, hosts
- Unix: allow to change format for suggested user name
- LAM Pro:
-> Zarafa support for Samba 4
-> allow to hide buttons to create/delete entries for each account type
-> Password self reset: support new identification methods: user, email, user or email, employee number
-> Custom fields: support PDF, profiles and multi-value text fields
-> Personal: support password mail sending in file upload
19.03.2013 4.1
- Updated EDU person module (RFE 3599128)
- Personal: allow management of user certificates (RFE 1753030)
- Unix: Support Samba Unix Id pool for automatic UID/GID generation
- DHCP: support separated dhcpServer and dhcpService entries
- LAM Pro:
-> Support Qmail groups
- Fixed bugs:
-> changed user and group size limits (3601649)
06.01.2013 4.0.1
- support additional LDAP filters for account types
- allow to hide account types (that are required by other account types)
- fixed bugs:
-> missing directories config/pdf and config/profiles on fresh installations
17.12.2012 4.0
- account profiles and PDF structures are now bound to server profile
- IMAP: support "/" as path separator (RFE 3575692)
- show server profile name on config pages (RFE 3579768)
- LAM Pro:
-> Custom fields for admin interface
-> MIT Kerberos support
-> Qmail user support
25.09.2012 3.9
- Kolab 2.4 support
- Puppet support
- LAM Pro
-> support RFC2307bis automount entries
-> read-only fields in self service
- fixed bugs
-> Hidden tools are still shown on the "Tools" page (3546092)
19.07.2012 3.8
- quick (un)lock for users
- allow to disable tools
- LAM Pro:
-> Custom fields module allows to manage custom LDAP attributes in Self Service
-> Self service now supports user self registration
-> Separate group of names module for users allows to manage memberships if Unix module is not used (RFE 3504429)
-> Named object module for groups (used for rfc2307bis schema)
-> Password change page allows account (un)locking
-> Allow to send password mails on user edit page
-> Custom scripts: supports manual scripts that can be run from account edit pages
-> Zarafa 7.1 support (proxy URL for servers)
- fixed bugs
-> Asterisk extensions with same name (3528288)
25.03.2012 3.7
- Login: support bind user for login search
- Personal: added labeledURI and cosmetic changes, description is now multi-valued (RFE 3446363)
- Asterisk extensions: group extension entries by name and context
- File upload:
-> support custom scripts postCreate (LAM Pro)
-> PDF export
- New translation: Slovakian
- removed phpGroupWare support (project no longer exists)
- Use new password after self password change (RFE 3446350)
- LAM Pro:
-> Password self reset can send password confirmation and notification mails
-> Zarafa archiver support
-> Heimdal Kerberos support
- Fixed bugs:
-> DHCP: error message not displayed properly (3441975)
-> Profile loading not possible if required fields are not filled (3444948)
-> Tree view: unable to add object class (3446037)
-> Edit page: unable to move accounts to different OU
-> Self Service: support forced password changes (PPolicy) (3483907)
-> XSS security patch (3496624)
23.11.2011 3.6.1
- LAM Pro: fixed password reset function
22.11.2011 3.6
- support HTTP authentication for admin pages and self service
- new modules
-> authorizedServiceObject
-> FreeRadius
- LAM Pro
-> added password self reset feature
-> Zarafa 7 support
-> Zarafa support for dynamic groups, address lists and contacts
-> Unix: group of names can be managed on user edit page
- Fixed bugs:
-> Unix: check for upper-case characters in user name (3416180)
09.08.2011 3.5.0
- New modules:
-> "General information": shows internal data about accounts (e.g. creation time)
-> "Quota": manage filesystem quota inside LDAP (Linux DiskQuota) (RFE 1811449)
- Personal: New attributes o, employeeNumber, initials
- Unix: Support to create home directories on multiple servers and also for existing users
- Server information shows data from cn=monitor
- Lots of small improvements
- LAM Pro:
-> Automount: allow to create automount maps
-> Password policy: allow to (un)lock accounts
- Fixed bugs:
-> Owner attribute is multi-valued (3300727)
2011-04-25 3.4.0
- IMAP mailboxes:
-> support to read user name from uid attribute
-> added quota management
- Personal: added additional options for account profiles
- Mail aliases: sort receipients (RFE 3170336)
- Asterisk: support all attributes (can be disabled in configuration)
- Samba 3/Shadow: allow to sync expiration date (RFE 3147751)
- LAM Pro:
-> support automount entries
-> Zarafa groups: allow combination with group of names
-> enhanced wildcards for custom scripts
-> Group of (unique) names: allow members to be optional
- Fixed bugs:
-> Renaming of default profile (3183920)
-> Profile editor: fixed problems with multi select
12.02.2011 3.3.0
- additional usability enhancements
- new IMAP module ("Mailbox (imapAccess)") allows to create/delete user mailboxes
- LAM Pro: enhanced Zarafa to support users and groups for "Send as" (new configuration option)
- PDF export: higher resolution for logos
- reduced number of LDAP queries
- lamdaemon: support journaled quotas
- Fixed bugs:
-> ignore comment lines in shells file (3107124)
-> home directory creation on file upload
28.10.2010 3.2.0
- large usability enhancements
- Shadow: allow to force password change when maximum password age is set
- DHCP: renamed module "Fixed IPs" to "Hosts", IP is now optional (3038797)
- PHP version 5.2.4 or higher required
- LAM Pro:
-> Zarafa support (user, group, server)
-> Password policy: allow to force password change (RFE 3026940)
-> Password reset page: mail subject, text and from address can be set in server profile
-> Self service: Asterisk (voicemail) password synchronisation
- Fixed bugs:
-> Email check did not include "+" (3033605)
-> Tab index on login page (3042622)
04.07.2010 3.1.1
- LAM Pro: fix for user self service
25.06.2010 3.1.0
- usability improvements
- Asterisk voicemail support
- new hosts module for user accounts to define valid login workstations (replaces inetOrgPerson schema hack) (2951116)
- PDF editor: descriptive fields
- lamdaemon:
-> sudo entry needs to be changed to ".../lamdaemon.pl *"
-> replaced PHP SSH2 with phpseclib
- LAM Pro
-> custom scripts: new options to hide executed commands and define if output is HTML or plain text
-> support sudo entry management (object class sudoRole)
- fixed bugs:
-> Asterisk password handling (patch 2979728)
-> Samba domain SID check (2994528)
-> language selection at login (2996335)
24.03.2010 3.0.0
- support to remove extension from an existing account: shadowAccount, sambaSamAccount, eduPerson
- file upload: allow to select account modules for upload
- removed frames
- Unix: automatic user name generation from first and last name (2492675)
- LAM Pro:
-> support OpenLDAP password policies (ppolicy)
-> manage host IP addresses (ipHost)
- fixed bugs:
-> Multi-delete not working (2931458)
-> Samba: can/must change password needs to be read from domain policy (2919236)
-> DNs which include "#" are not editable/deletable (2931461)
-> fixed configure/Makefile
-> Asterisk input fields and authentication realm (patch 2971792)
16.12.2009 2.9.0
- Asterisk support
- new tool: server information
- consolidated LAM documentation in new manual (docs/manual/index.html)
- DHCP: add host name to fixed IPs (RFE 2898948)
- LAM Pro:
-> enabled custom scripts for self service
-> support for nisObject object class
- fixed bugs:
-> unable to edit accounts with DNs that contain spaces next to a comma (2889473)
-> login method "LDAP search" has problems if LDAP server is down (2889414)
-> filter in account lists did not support non-ASCII letters
-> alias handling (2901248)
-> DHCP range check (2903267)
28.10.2009 2.8.0
- ability to hide fields: inetOrgPerson, sambaSamAccount
- compatibility with PHP 5.3
- one central button to change passwords on account pages
- removed support for Samba 2 accounts
- removed lamdaemonOld script
05.08.2009 2.7.0
- LAM Pro: allow to execute custom scripts
- log client IP at login attempt
- added separate configuration option to enable/disable TLS encryption
- Samba 3: allow to disable LM hashes (on by default) (RFE 2657140)
- DHCP: added description field and reordered fixed IP input fields
- fixed bugs:
* added additional check for creating home directories (2798489)
* support memcache for session storage (2811505)
08.04.2009 2.6.0
- support NIS netgroups
- support EDU person accounts (RFE 1413731)
- Personal: support departmentNumber attribute
- DHCP: allow file upload
- added config option to search LAM login users in LDAP (RFE 2494249)
- help messages are displayed as tooltips
- LAM Pro:
-> add businessCategory to self service (RFE 2494246)
-> allow to customize page headers and use custom CSS styles
21.01.2009 2.5.0
- LAM Pro:
-> supports rfc2307bis schema for Unix groups (RFE 2111694)
-> added alias manangement (object classes alias + uidObject) (RFE 1912779)
- Shadow: module is now optional when creating new accounts
- Kolab:
-> account extension is now optional
-> can be used without Unix module
-> self service uses no extra LDAP suffix but uses global setting
-> several bugfixes
-> added PDF support
-> support multiple Netbios name servers (RFE 2180179)
- Samba 3:
-> self service sets attribute "sambaPwdLastSet" on password change (LAM Pro)
-> password timestamps can be updated on password reset page (LAM Pro)
-> option to force password change on next login
-> profile options for time when the user can/must change the password
15.10.2008 2.4.0
- added DHCP management (donated by Siedl networks GmbH)
- requires PHP 5.1.2
- MHash dependendy replaced by Hash
- save last selected server profile from login page
- lamdaemon: allow to specify SSH port
- lamdaemon: added Syslog logging
- Unix: added profile options for lamdaemon
- LAM Pro: password reset page is able to unlock Samba accounts and sets shadowLastChange
- fixed bugs:
* problems with DN containing ( and ) (2059740)
* problem with gecos field in file upload (2103936)
30.04.2008 2.3.0
- added Polish translation
- support phpGroupWare accounts
- password policies
- redesigned PDF editor
- show mail addresses as link in account list
- Unix: allow primary group members to be added as memberUid
- Kolab: support LAM Pro self service
- LAM Pro: new account type for groupOf(Unique)Names
- fixed bugs:
-> XHTML headers should be removed (1912736)
23.01.2008 2.2.0
- account lists:
-> allow to switch sorting
-> added separate configuration page and store settings in cookies
-> list size can now be set individually for each account type on the list configuration page
-> new PDF buttons
- use suffix from account list as default for new accounts (patch 1823583)
- Security: passwords in configuration files are now saved as hash values
- improved design
- style fixes for Internet Explorer users
- Unix: allow to set host passwords (RFE 1754069)
- Unix: allow to generate random passwords for users
- Samba 3 groups: Samba part is now optional
- Personal: add object classes person and organizationalPerson for new accounts (RFE 1830033)
- new LDAP schema check on tests page
- LAM Pro:
-> added possibility for deskside support to reset passwords at account list page
-> access levels (read only, change passwords, write access) for server profiles
07.11.2007 2.1.0
- tabular design for account pages
- show DN on account pages
- Samba 3: made Samba account optional
- Samba 3: manages now terminal server settings
- fixed bugs:
-> LAM Pro: UTF-8 characters are invalid displayed on configuration page (1788752)
-> LAM works again on PHP 5.1.x (1792447)
-> Quota: managing group quotas does not work (1811728)
-> Samba 3 domains: lockout users after bad logon attempts must allow 0 - 999 (1814578)
08.08.2007 2.0.0
- new translations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech and Portuguese
- usability improvements
- LDAP accounts including child entries can now be moved
- group list can show primary members (RFE 1517679 and patch 1722460)
- more translated example texts (RFE 1702140)
- inetOrgPerson: now manages homePhone, roomNumber, businessCategory
- posixAccount: allow to create home directories in file upload (RFE 1665034)
- account lists: display buttons on top and bottom (RFE 1702136)
- fixed bugs:
-> OU editor: help images (1702132)
-> config editor: extra space (1702269)
-> fixed some inconsistent help entries (1694863)
-> user list: refreshing GID translation did not work (1719168)
-> allow uid as RDN attribute for inetOrgPerson (1740499)
-> PHP Warning: mcrypt_decrypt(): The IV parameter must be ... (1742543)
-> uid attribute no longer required for InetOrgPerson (1757215)
28.03.2007 1.3.0
- improved design
- user list can now display jpegPhoto attributes
- lamdaemon: support for multiple servers
- LAM Pro: users may change their photos (jpegPhoto)
- fixed bugs:
-> ShadowAccount: PDF entry for expire date was wrong (1658868)
-> Samba groups: fixed help entry (patch 1664542)
-> Debian package did not include lamdaemonOld.pl (1660493)
-> NIS mail aliases: allow more characters in alias name (1674198)
-> fixed syntax errors in some .htaccess files
-> security fix: HTML special characters in LDAP data were not escaped
API changes:
- added listPrintTableCellContent() to class lamList
- added listPrintAdditionalOptions() to class lamList
- added preModifyActions() to class baseModule
- added postModifyActions() to class baseModule
- added preDeleteActions() to class baseModule
- added postDeleteActions() to class baseModule
24.01.2007 1.2.0
- Samba 3: better handling of date values
- Samba 3: Handling of locked accounts (RFE 1609076)
- LAM Pro: modules can define configuration settings (Unix: password hashing)
- LAM Pro: management of groupOfNames and groupOfUniqueNames entries (RFE 875482)
- fixed bugs:
-> Lamdaemon test did not work on PHP 4
-> InetOrgPerson: Problems with error messages (1628799)
API changes:
- removed get_configDescription() from module interface
- added functions to handle configuration settings for LAM Pro
01.11.2006 1.1.1
- Lamdaemon: added test page (Tools -> Tests -> Lamdaemon test)
- LAM Pro: Samba passwords can now be synchronized with Unix password
- Shadow account: better management of expiration date
- fixed bugs:
-> Unix: password hashing problem (1562426)
-> Unix: No error message for wrong UID numbers in file upload
-> Filters in account lists get lost when sorting the table
20.09.2006 1.1.0
- Lamdaemon now uses the SSH implementation from PECL which is much more stable
- Samba 2/3: "Use Unix password" now on by default (1517678)
API changes:
- removed $post parameters from module functions (delete_attributes(),
process_...(), display_html_...()). Use $_POST instead.
- process_...() functions: returned messages are no longer grouped
(e.g. return: array(array('INFO', 'headline', 'text'), array('INFO', 'headline2', 'text2')))
10.08.2006 1.0.4
- added Russian translation
- Samba 3: added policies for domain objects
- inetLocalMailRecipient: print warning if local address is already in use
05.07.2006 1.0.3
- fixed bugs:
-> Kolab: fixed problem with message about missing password
-> Unix groups: fixed auto GID
-> Unix users/groups: fixed silent unlocking of passwords
-> Unix users/groups: removed invalid password option
-> Shadow: account expiration date was incorrect in some time zones
-> User list: fixed problems when deleting users and translated GIDs are activated (1503367)
24.05.2006 1.0.2
- security enhancements: session timeout, logging, host restrictions
- handle LDAP attribute aliases correctly
- fixed bugs:
-> PDF creation bug when GID translation is activated (1477111)
-> allow "@" in passwords (1477878)
-> Samba 2/3: fixed NT hashes
-> fixed handling of multi-value attributes (e.g. in inetLocalMailRecipient)
12.04.2006 1.0.1
- LAM can now be installed with "configure" and "make install"
- added workaround for misspelled object classes (e.g. sambaSAMAccount by smbldap-tools)
- Unix: merged password hash settings for Unix users and groups
- Samba 3: added Windows group to profile options
- security: LAM checks the session id and client IP
- fixed bugs:
-> Samba 3: hash values were wrong in some rare cases (1440021)
-> Samba 3: readded time zone selection for logon hours (1407761)
-> Unix: call of unknown function (1450464)
01.03.2006 1.0.0
- new architecture with support for more account types
- new translations: Traditional Chinese, Dutch
- fixed bugs:
-> Samba groups: editing of special groups fixed
-> changed check for mail addresses (patch 1403922)
-> fixed JPG upload when MCrypt is enabled
-> fixed login problems for AD servers
-> improved sorting of account lists
-> fixed language setting in default configuration profile
-> fixed PHP5 warnings (getdate() and mktime())
-> error messages in Samba domain module (1437425)
-> fixed expired passwords with shadowAccount module
-> added lamdaemon.pl compatibility and security patches by Tim Rice
08.02.2006 1.0.rc2
- new translation: Dutch
- fixed bugs:
-> changed check for mail addresses (patch 1403922)
-> fixed JPG upload when MCrypt is enabled
-> fixed login problems for AD servers
09.01.2006 1.0.rc1
- new architecture with support for more account types
- new translation: Traditional Chinese
- fixed bugs:
-> Samba groups: editing of special groups fixed
14.12.2005 0.5.3
- accounts are now deleted with subentries
- big update for Italian translation
- inetOrgPerson: support jpegPhoto images
- less restrictive input checks
- fixed bugs:
-> fixed problems with case-insensitive DNs
-> file upload did not work when max_execution_time=0 (1367957)
-> posixGroup: fixed help entries
16.11.2005 0.5.2
- New module for SSH public keys
- check file permissions on login page
- fixed bugs:
-> creation of home directories did not work
-> allow spaces in profile names (1333058)
-> fixed problem with magic_quotes_gpc in profile editor (1333069)
-> inetOrgPerson: deletion of postal address and fax number now works
19.10.2005 0.5.1
- Samba 3: added support for account expiration
- fixed bugs:
-> automatic UID/GID assignment did not fully work
-> PDF: additional groups for Unix users
-> inetOrgPerson: fixed mobile number
-> Samba 2/3: passwords fixed for file uploads (1311561)
-> Samba 3: fixed logon hours (patch 1311915)
-> Samba 3: loading of domain setting from profile did not work
-> Quota: profile settings fixed
-> reduced memory usage
28.09.2005 0.5.0
- Samba 2/3: added display name in account pages
- fixed bugs:
-> fixed error message when creating new accounts with shadowAccount
-> added missing help entries on main account page
-> Samba 2/3: fixed settings for password expiration, no password and deactivated account
-> changing of RDN caused problems in some cases
08.09.2005 0.5.rc3
- INFO messages no longer prevent changing to subpages of a module
- fixed bugs:
-> buttons on account page are better sorted
-> account module: some problems solved when used for user accounts
-> nisMailAlias: fixed missing RDN possibility
-> fixed conflicts when accounts were built with other base modules
-> Samba 2/3: setting allowed workstations failed
-> magic_quotes_gpc = Off prevented editing of accounts
-> fixed help links on Samba and Unix pages
18.08.2005 0.5.rc2
- allow user accounts based only on "account" module
- inetOrgPerson: allow setting a password if posixAccount is not active
- fixed bugs:
-> removed Blowfish encryption (bad performance)
-> Kolab now complains if no user password is set
08.08.2005 0.5.rc1
- Kolab 2 support
- added manager and post office box for inetOrgPerson
- Samba 3: added support for logon hours
- Samba 3: added sambaSID as possible RDN attribute
- improved error handling in profile editor
- now quotas can be set on CSV upload
- new logo
- fixed bugs:
-> several fixes for PHP5
-> fixes for PDF editor and output
-> password changing in tree view did not work
-> fixed changing of group memberships for users
28.07.2005 0.4.10
- PHP5 compatibility added
30.06.2005 0.5.alpha2
- added documentation about schemas
- PDF now uses UTF-8 fonts
- added possibility to create plain inetOrgPerson accounts
- fixed bugs:
-> set DN suffix and RDN on profile loading
-> several fixes for PDF editor
-> creating Samba hosts now works
11.05.2005 0.5.alpha1
- new modular architecture
-> possibility to create Unix-only accounts
-> plugins for more objectClasses planned
-> enhanced PDF output
-> enhanced file upload
-> enhanced editor for account profiles
-> dynamic configuration options (based on modules)
- all pages in UTF-8
- added developer documentation
- PHPDoc formated comments
- new plugin for managing MAC addresses (RFE 926017)
- new plugin for managing NIS mail aliases (RFE 1050036)
- new plugin for managing mail routing with inetLocalMailRecipient (RFE 1092137)
- schema browser
- tree view
09.03.2005 0.4.9
- fixed bugs:
fixed error messages when moving an user account
fixed problem with special group SIDs
lamdaemon.pl security fix
26.01.2005 0.4.8
- allow "%" at the beginning of Samba home/profile path (1107998)
- fixed bugs:
fixed IE fix ;-)
no more warnings for profiles with no additional groups set
19.12.2004 0.4.7
- added "*.exe" to Samba logon script regex (1081715)
- fixed bugs:
fixed doctype of main frame
removed syntax check for LDAP suffixes
fixed IE bug at login
fixed encoding in HTTP header
passwords with "'" are now handled correctly at login (1081460)
fixed Samba flags if multiple hosts were created
updated .htaccess files to be compatible with newer Apache versions
26.05.2004 0.4.6
- fixed bugs:
password hashes were not disabled correctly
street was copied to postal code on modify (938502)
underscore was not allowed for host names (934445)
deleting postal address or facsimile number failed (948616)
TLS error handling (958497)
smaller fixes on personal settings page
21.03.2004 0.4.5
- added French translation
- fixed bugs:
StatusMessages with additional variables did not work
Samba hosts had unnecessary objectClass shadowAccount (910084)
Samba host passwords were still wrong
LAM had problems with non-standard spelled object classes (907636)
Perl scripts did not work if Perl is not installed in /usr/bin/perl (913554)
problems when cn!=uid (915041)
home directories were not deleted by lamdaemon.pl (913552)
29.02.2004 0.4.4 (stable)
- fixed bugs:
plain posix groups could not be used as Samba 3 primary group
if magic_quotes_gpc in php.ini is was set to "Off", several pages did not work
some smaller bugs in mass upload
Samba hash values for hosts were not correct
Unix passwords could be disabled but not reenabled
fixed problem with eval() in status.inc (894433)
08.02.2004 0.4.3
- new login layout
- added Hungarian and Japanese translations
- fixed bugs:
Samba paswords were sometimes empty for new users (892272)
links in list views may not work with web servers other than Apache
21.01.2004 0.4.2
- added config wizard
- MHash is only needed for PHP < 4.3
- use Blowfish for encryption instead of MCrypt
29.12.2003 0.4.1
- better error handling at login
- support spaces in DNs
- PDF text for users
- create missing OUs recursivly
- fixed bugs:
SMD5 passwords were wrong
primaryGroupSID wrong if SID has no relation to Algorithmic RID Base
Samba 2 accounts could not be created
29.10.2003 0.4 (Beta1)
- improved design
- improved documentation
- Fixed possible error which could delete entries if objectclass didn't fit
- Fixed many samba 3.0 related bugs, most related to SIDs
- edit group members directly
- support for several password hashes (CRYPT/SHA/SSHA/MD5/SMD5/PLAIN)
- PDF output for groups and hosts
31.08.2003 0.3 (Alpha 3)
- Samba 3 support
- manage Samba 3 domains
- multiple configuration files
- PDF output
- better mass creation
04.07.2003 0.2 (Alpha 2)
- support for multiple OUs + OU-Editor
- account creation via file upload
- profile editor
- experimental Samba 3 support
- fixed a lot of bugs
23.05.2003 0.1 (Alpha 1)
Initial release