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LAM - Readme
LDAP Account Manager (LAM) manages user, group and host accounts in an LDAP
directory. LAM runs on any webserver with PHP7 support and connects to your
LDAP server unencrypted or via SSL/TLS.
Currently LAM supports these account types: Samba 3/4, Unix, Kolab,
address book entries, NIS mail aliases and MAC addresses. There is a tree
viewer included to allow access to the raw LDAP attributes. You can use
templates for account creation and use multiple configuration profiles.
Copyright (C) 2003 - 2020 Roland Gruber <>
Installation and documentation:
Please see the LAM manual in docs/manual/index.html.
Default password:
The default password to edit the configuration options is "lam".
You can get the newest version at
LAM is published under the GNU General Public License.
The complete list of licenses can be found in the copyright file.
Have fun!
The LAM development team