Plugin that adds functionality so that a user can create a new password if the original is lost
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get_email_from is a class function and should therefore be called like one.

* Create default localization

This will use en_US as a default fallback for localization in case the user has configured a language in roundcube where localization is missing.
This lead to empty emails without any confirmation code being sent.
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Password Recovery Plugin for Roundcube

Plugin that adds functionality so that a user can create a new password if the original is lost.

To restore the password, the user is asked a secret question, and/or a confirmation code is sent to an additional email address and SMS to the phone.

It is recommended that you use the "SMSTools" package to send SMS.

When checking and saving a new password, the password is encrypted using the MD5-Crypt method. The password is written directly to the Postfix database (mailbox table).

The Password plugin can also be used when configured accordingly.


  1. Place this plugin folder into plugins directory of Roundcube
  2. Add 'password_recovery' to $config['plugins'] in your Roundcube config
  3. Rename '' to ''
  4. Configure the credentials to access the postfix database in the file


Login with Elastic Skin

Recovery password



Settings for confirmation code

Recovery with code

Settings for secret question/answer

Recovery with code and answer