TicTac module for Odoo
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<data noupdate="1">
<record id="itis_holiday_leave_type_new" model="hr.holidays.status">
<field name="name">Holiday</field>
<field name="limit">True</field>
<field name="is_holiday">True</field>
<record id="email_template_monthly_timesheet_overview" model="email.template">
<field name="name">Monthly Timesheet Overview</field>
<field name="model_id" ref="itis_hr_attendance_extend.model_hr_analytic_timesheet" />
<field name="auto_delete" eval="True" />
<field name="email_from">${(user.email or '') | safe}</field>
<field name="email_to">${(user.email or '') | safe}</field>
<field name="subject">Monthly Timesheet Overview Report</field>
<field name="body_html"><![CDATA[
<p>Sehr geehrte Kollegen,</p>
<p>anbei erhalten Sie den aktuellen Report zur Kostenstellenübersicht nach Mitarbeiter.
<p>Mit freundlichen Grüßen</p>
<p>Ihr HR-Team</p>