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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<record id="view_hr_configuration_inh" model="ir.ui.view">
<field name="name"></field>
<field name="model">hr.config.settings</field>
<field name="inherit_id" ref="hr.view_human_resources_configuration"/>
<field name="arch" type="xml">
<xpath expr="//group[@name='hr_ot_leave']/div" position="inside">
<label for="sick_account_id"
class="oe_inline" />
<field name="sick_account_id"
domain="[('type', 'in', ['normal', 'contract']), ('state', '!=', 'close'), ('use_timesheets', '=', 1)]"
options="{'no_open': True, 'no_create': True, 'no_create_edit':True}"
class="oe_inline" />