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purpose: gather data from intern(WMDE) and extern(volunteers) forms to create a database ('förderdatenbank') and send emails with links for a questionary.

installation and development setup

ln -sr foerderbarometer/ foerderbarometer/

build the database with

python3 migrate

create superuser account with

python3 createsuperuser

run the development server with

python3 runserver

you can run some very basic tests with

python3 test

access via

http://localhost/ http://localhost/intern/ (login required) http://localhost/admin/ (login reqiured)

additional admin functionality

The admin page is the standard admin page delivered by django but with two additional functionalities:

  • There is a new action "export to csv" with which you can export all Selected entries to a csv file

  • There is a new button in the bottom of every Project to "save as new"

versions used in development

python 3.8.2
django 3.1.1
django-formtools 2.2
whitenoise 5.2.0
gunicorn 20.0.4


run some tests with

python3 test

production setup

ln -sr foerderbarometer/ foerderbarometer/

edit /secrets.json to contain something similar to


edit foerderbarometer/ according to your database setup (tested with MariaDB 10.0.36)

run the following commands:

python3 makemigrations
python3 migrate
python3 collectstatic

add to cron at least one time a day:

python3 sendmails

server starts with

nohup gunicorn --forwarded-allow-ips="*" -b '0:8000' foerderbarometer.wsgi 2&> logfile &

Should be executed at least daily e.g. in crontab

python3 sendmails