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purpose: gather data from intern(WMDE) and extern(volunteers) forms to create a database ('förderdatenbank') and send emails with links for a questionary.

installation and development setup

ln -sr foerderbarometer/ foerderbarometer/

build database with

python3 makemigrations

create superuser account with

python3 createsuperuser

run the development server with

python3 runserver

access via

http://localhost/ http://localhost/intern/ (login required) http://localhost/admin/ (login reqiured)

versions used in development

python 3.8.2
django 3.1.1
django-formtools 2.2
whitenoise 5.2.0
gunicorn 20.0.4


run some tests with

python3 test

production setup

ln -sr foerderbarometer/ foerderbarometer/

edit /secrets.json to contain something similar to


edit foerderbarometer/ according to your database setup (tested with MariaDB 10.0.36)

run the following commands:

python3 makemigrations
python3 migrate
python3 collectstatic

add to cron at least one time a day:

python3 sendmails

server starts with

nohup gunicorn --forwarded-allow-ips="*" -b '0:8000' foerderbarometer.wsgi 2&> logfile &

Should be executed at least daily e.g. in crontab

python3 sendmails