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  1. Before opening an issue:
  2. - [Search for duplicate or closed issues](
  3. - [Validate]( and [lint]( any HTML to avoid common problems
  4. - Prepare a [reduced test case]( for any bugs
  5. - Read the [contributing guidelines](
  6. When asking general "how to" questions:
  7. - Please do not open an issue here
  8. - Instead, ask for help on [StackOverflow, IRC, or Slack](
  9. When reporting a bug, include:
  10. - Operating system and version (Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Win10 Mobile)
  11. - Browser and version (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, MS Edge, Opera 15+, Android Browser)
  12. - Reduced test cases and potential fixes using [JS Bin](
  13. When suggesting a feature, include:
  14. - As much detail as possible for what we should add and why it's important to Bootstrap
  15. - Relevant links to prior art, screenshots, or live demos whenever possible