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1. Please first state the name of your <b>Project/Purpose of travel</b> supported by
Wikimedia Deutschland, in the context of which the costs were incurred.
Please calculate the costs for each funding individually!
2. Fill in Your <b>contact person at Wikimedia</b>
(example: “Sandro Halank/Volunteer Support”). This makes it easier for us to match you.
3. Each time, please enter your complete data relevant for the reimbursement of costs. We need these details for
any queries you could have. The payout details help us to carry out the refund correctly.
If the money is refunded to an account that does not belong to you, please give a reason;
this is essential for our accounting.
4. The email address and IBAN are automatically checked for correct format. If necessary,
an error message will be displayed if these are incomplete or incorrect.