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Please calculate the costs for each funding individually!
><br />
1. Please first state in the field <b>Currency</b> the currency in which the reimbursement
should be proceeded. The selected currency applies to the entire reimbursement claim.
We kindly you to use Euro preferably.
<br />
2. Please state <b>one</b> expense, receipt, document as explanation per line (Pos.) with corresponding description and
attach a receipt as .pdf, .jpg, .png by clicking on the corresponding field.
Files uploaded incorrectly can be removed by clicking on the <b>x</b>.
The explanation should clarify the type of expenses,
e.g. transportation, service, catering. Please always state the date of the receipt.
<br />
3. In the case expenses in foreign currencies have occurred in your project, please attach
for each conversion an additional file where the conversion rate is indicated. These proofs for
conversion rates are accepted: Card billing (credit or debit card), Cash currency exchange receipt,
<a href="https://sdw.ecb.europa.eu/curConverter.do">Currency converter of the European Central Bank.</a>
If there is no exchange course in the currency converter of the European Central Bank and no other proof available,
please use <a href="https://www1.oanda.com/lang/de/currency/converter/">Oanda</a>.
<br />
4. In the case an advance payment had been granted by Wikimedia Deutschland for the project/event,
please state the amount in the “advance payment and other” field.
<br />
5. Please confirm the <b>completeness and correctness</b> of your data by clicking the box.
<br />
6. Finally, click on “Send reimbursement claim electronically directly to WMDE” for direct forwarding
the reimbursement claim to Wikimedia Deutschland or “Download reimbursement claim and submit later” if you still want
to make changes.
<br /><br />
Important instructions:<br />
The form will calculate the total amount on its own.
<br />
The settlement of <a href="https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikimedia_Deutschland/FAQ_und_Hilfe_zur_Förderung#Verpflegung">“per diem”</a>
is done by a receipt, which you can generate by using the <a href="https://www.wikimedia.de/extern/verpflegungsmehraufwand.html">form</a>.
Please enter it in a appropriate separate line (Pos.) as an expense.
<br />
A merged PDF of the reimbursement claim and the attachments will be generated by the software.
<br />
Only if you uploaded a receipt/document for each item, you can send the reimbursement claim
directly to Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE). Otherwise, you have the option of downloading the reimbursement claim,
edit it yourself later and send it to Wikimedia Deutschland.<br>
<br />
If there are any errors or questions, feel free to contact <a href="mailto:community@wikimedia.de">community@wikimedia.de</a>.