A simple tool for on- and ofboarding in a mid sized organisation.
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A simple tool for on- and offboarding people in a mid sized organisation.

"EVA" is an german acronym for "Eintritt, Veränderung, Austritt", meaning "Onboarding, Change, Offboarding"


  • install gettext for instance via "apt install gettext" for translations

  • set up a virtual environment with virtualenvwrapper or some other environment managing tool

  • use this environment and do

    pip install django django-multiselectfield django-formtools django-allauth

  • clone this repository

  • ln -sr eva/settings_development.py eva/settings.py

  • initialise your database with

    python manage.py migrate

  • start your development server with

    python manage.py runserver


  • You need to add oauth information in the django backend via .../admin in "Social Accounts"


  • you can use gunicorn as server for example instead of the django development server.

  • we use whitenoise for serving static files

  • we still use the development SQLITE database from django

do the following in the project main directory:

ln -sr eva/settings_production.py eva/settings.py

edit /secrets.json to contain something similar to


run the following commands:

python3 manage.py migrate python3 manage.py collectstatic django-admin compilemessages

server starts with

export PYTHONUNBUFFERED=TRUE; nohup gunicorn --forwarded-allow-ips="*" -b '0:8000' eva.wsgi &> logfile &