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Martin Rulsch 1627716373 typo 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 37eba4283b fixed englishi/german messages in ka.php and messages.p 1 year ago
Tobias Herre b9cbeb2914 English translation complete 1 year ago
root b8e65e9c98 fixes to run on ubuntu with utf8 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 891b04e0dc lang en_us hard coded 1 year ago
Tobias Herre c9e2081d42 More translations added 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 9964249d49 More translatrions including h1.php and h2.php 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 8f8f9b1505 Language support (partial) 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 8f35208d33 Moved sned buttons to the right place 1 year ago
Tobias Herre bf07702a0b Global currency selection 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 8478eb1f94 New (old) layout implmented 1 year ago
Tobias Herre 0f09df986b Re-enabled currency selection 2 years ago
7u83 9a7f678a13 contact person is not a mandatory field 2 years ago
7u83 320ca7e40e Fixed: type=button 2 years ago
7u83 6e6a0a086a first row shows position no, it is possible to add positions w/o voucher 2 years ago
7u83 b08d3dd62c fixed typo 2 years ago
7u83 d0d1016d44 BIC is not mandatory anymore 2 years ago
7u83 7f038e6e6e Changed text for submit buttons 2 years ago
7u83 7161e5b944 Auslagenersatz 2 years ago
7u83 2fc0de1945 Phone is not required 3 years ago
7u83 90e8ff8580 Sends email with attached PDF now 3 years ago
7u83 d199e664c9 Shows correct costs in advance in generated PDF 3 years ago
7u83 42d3126398 agree box and advancements implemented 3 years ago
7u83 de84516819 Added help text no 2 3 years ago
7u83 43c1c13ee6 Improved the generated PDF 3 years ago
7u83 7245bfc0aa Removed PayPal and fixed some typos 3 years ago
7u83 a08c117356 Removed Nickname field, added Wikimedia SVG Logo 3 years ago
7u83 38183ebb1b Simplified forms, no "Auslagenart" anymore 3 years ago
7u83 4a8f38ac69 Added stuff to avaluate bank details 3 years ago
7u83 f952f2701e Helptext in h1.php 3 years ago
7u83 02107d1b5b Renamed ka.html to ka.php 3 years ago
7u83 0a3a0f68be Checks fields when download button is pressed and submits the form 3 years ago
7u83 7e252ae4e5 Adding and deleting table rows works now. Also there is error checing for entered values. 3 years ago
7u83 6840a0d0c3 adding elements to the table works. but deletion is still a p[roblem 3 years ago
7u83 cee58dcd95 buttons are not submitting anymore 3 years ago
7u83 2027681e9a Submit and Download button added 3 years ago
7u83 91769d6f33 Form to add position added 3 years ago
7u83 bf63ec1774 First part of new input form works 3 years ago
7u83 346fd821a8 Work on the tif design 3 years ago
7u83 894e460efa Displays EU and Non EU Bank details in the front PDF 3 years ago
7u83 718c90c4ca Submit button and add row button in blue 3 years ago
7u83 2bbbc349ac Some reformatting and removal of english text 3 years ago
root a11a33a615 Inital commit 3 years ago